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The Southern Cross Expedition

Motion Media Productions, over the last two years, has been developing a series of documentary television programs concerning Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim. To this end, Joe Casey, an award winning cinematographer, and the creative force behind Motion Media Productions, has nurtured contacts and relationships throughout these regions. Working with a multi-national crew, he has scouted locations, and shot some of initial footage for the programs in the series that will deal with Peru.

A group of adventurers on board a 200 ton, three-masted sailing vessel along with a professional crew, and a rotating series of writers and directors will create the stories. The ship will set sail from the southern United States for the Panama Canal. A program comparing the ships 12 hour passage through the canal with the adventurers two week overland track through the Darian Gap will establish the group of adventurers and the ship as the "characters" of the series. From Panama, the ship will sail to the Galapagos, and then down the coast of South America, telling the stories of the regions and peoples that the Adventurers encounter.

Jan Heisey, Motion Media Productions field researcher, has traveling in South America for two years. She has found the ingredients for a great number of stories, and established the contacts necessary for Motion Media to be able to produce good programs in a safe and timely fashion.

Principal photography will be shot on super l6mm film, and post production will take place at Motion Media Production's editing facility in Northern Virginia.

A number of writers, producers. directors and cinematographers have committed to being involved with this series. Victoria McKernan, a published author of several novels and an accomplished diver, will contribute story elements to several programs. Bob Bowdey, another accomplished diver and internationally recognized underwater marine wildlife photographer, will lend his extensive knowledge of the South Pacific. Ariadne Kimberly, a young film maker with an award winning feature film to her credit, and a unique perspective on Latin cultures will direct several programs. Jenny Durrin a writer-producer-director from the "Great Books" series, one of the founders of the Women in Film, and an Academy Award nominee, will play a leadership roll in the overall production. Lee Daniel, a well known director of photography for features and documentaries will be one of the most important members of the team.

One of the most exciting aspects of the expedition is the live, satellite updated internet web pages that will enable school children 'world wide' to interact with the expedition and the Ship. A group of biologists, headed by Heather Langford from Cornell University, is designing a program that will allow high school science students to be a part of this adventure. This will riot only promote the programs, but also allow for national recognition of it's sponsors.

Motion Media Productions has developed budgets for a 5, 13, and 52 part series. The goal is to make entertaining, and commercially viable programs. Sponsorship of the web site by MCI, Bell Atlantic, or AT&T, is being investigated, other interested parties should contact:

Joe Casey, Motion Media Productions, Inc. at (703)280-4015 or 800-398-3044


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