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           Motion Media Script Consulting offers full service script writing for the business that wants to produce a film, video or interactive multimedia presentation that tells or sells. Whether or not you have a complete story idea for a video or film, we can set you apart from your competition. We do it by dreaming up the slickest, most creative, killer concept; and then fleshing out a complete script that will deliver  your communications objective at your ball park price .  As an optional extra  we will put together a realistic detailed budget that we would use to produce your script.  No matter who produces your program, you will have the best, most creative program script possible, within the ballpark price you have suggested.

           With this program script, you can send out an RFP specification to all local video companies asking for the best price to produce your approved, killer program. Also, if needed, we have a staff of creative graphic artists that can deliver a complete story board of your script. Motion Media is aware that there are young producers out there that are willing to work for peanuts. We think they should be able to get some of the business we can't afford to take. BUT, most often they can't afford to give you great script service. That's where Motion Media Script Consulting comes in. We give great script service at unbelievably affordable prices.

Call us now on 1-800-398-3044 (US) or 703-280-4015  also email to

Motion Media Productions, Inc.
Fairfax, VA USA.

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